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Expansion Joints

Frequently, thermal expansion, equipment movement, vibration or pressure pulsation can cause movement in a piping system. When flexibility for this movement cannot be designed into the piping system itself, an expansion joint is the ideal solution. Expansion joints are devices used to allow movement in a piping system while containing both pressure and the medium running through it. They are an important part of many piping and ducting systems and are usually considered to be critical components of the systems within which they are installed. They typically fall into 3 general categories: Metal, Rubber, and Fabric and are usually designed for specific applications to:

arr Absorb Pipe Movement or Stress
arr Reduce System Noise
arr Isolate Mechanical Vibration
arr Compensate for Alignment or Offset Issues
arr Eliminate Electrolysis or Electrolytic Action
arr Protect Against Start-Up or Surge Forces

Pan-Pacific Supply Company can help you determine the type of expansion joint most suitable for your specific application. Contact one of our Applications Specialists for assistance.

 Hyspan Metal Expansion Joints

hyspanHyspan metal expansion joints are used for most piping systems handling liquids or for systems with operating pressures significantly above atmospheric. These products include internally and externally pressurized as well as pressure balanced bellows expansion joints. Configurations include single or dual bellows, tied universals, hinges, and gimbals. Rectangular expansion joints are available for low pressure or full vacuum service. Other products also available include metal bellows pump connectors, flexible metal hose connectors, packed slip style expansion joints, compensators and pipe guides.

 Proco Rubber Expansion Joints

procoRubber Expansion Joints
Proco Products, Inc. - is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of piping and ducting system expansion joints. They offer the most complete line of rubber and molded PFA expansion joints, fabric fan connectors, braided flexible hose assemblies and low torque sealing gaskets to the piping industry.

Fabric Expansion Joints - Fabric expansion joints are often used for high temperature gas applications to reduce time between maintenance intervals and minimize leaking which reduces fugitive emissions of pollutants. Typical fabric expansion joints are made from an elastomer such as Neoprene, EPDM, silicone or fluoroelastomer, reinforced with fibers or fabric made from polyamide, aramid, glass or metal wire. Multilayer expansion joints for high-temperature applications are more complex.
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