Industrial Coatings

Pan-Pacific Supply subsidiary Pan-Pacific Industrial Coatings (PPIC) applies a range of coating products including Epoxies. PPIC exclusively handles Perlastic Elastomeric Emulsion based coatings to increase the longevity of your equipment and buildings exposed to corrosion, erosion, or other forms of chemical attack.


Pan-Pacific Industrial Coatings focuses primarily on five industrial applications:

arr Cooling Tower coatings and turn-a-round maintenance

arr Liquid fertilizer primary containment liners

arr Secondary Containment - Concrete Bermed

arr Pond Liners

arr Battery room storage containment

The Pan-Pacific Industrial Coatings Difference

PPIC provides the most consistent quality coating installation in the region. Our experienced people work in a culture of safety that ensures that every detail of every installation meets our exacting specifications, from surface preparation to curing time.

PPIC most often applies it’s unique elastomeric coatings without sandblasting. This saves both time and money without the unsafe disruption of media blasting.

Our coatings are routinely 4 to 6 times thicker than those applied by others and at market competitive prices.

With 80mil thick immersion tank linings and 60mil thicknesses on atmospheric exposed surfaces, PPIC has been successfully protecting industrial clients for years.


Please contact your Pan-Pacific Application Specialist or customer service representative to discuss how our industrial coatings can solve your corrosion issues and extend the longevity of your process equipment.


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