Pan-Pacific Supply Company focuses on centrifugal pumps for the marine, industrial, municipal, food, and power industries. We offer a variety of products to meet the diverse pumping needs of our customers.

We work closely with customers to understand the nature of their specific process, the requirements for the pump, and the condition of pump's operating environment. Once we understand all of this, we specify the right pump for the job. The right pump is the right type; the right size; constructed of the best materials for the process; and has all critical features and components -- without those you do not need. Our approach is to work with you to develop the best overall solution to improve the Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR) of your pumps and other rotating equipment.

We are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Blackmer System One Centrifugal Pumps in Northern California and stock a variety of models and sizes. As the authorized local supplier for the complete line of Ruhrpumpen centrifugal pumps and OEM spare parts, we are able to supplement our pump offering. In addition to centrifugal pumps, we can help you source other types of pumps to address the diverse pumping applications throughout your process or plant.

Please contact one of our Applications Specialists or customer service representatives to discuss how we can help you with your specific application.


Blackmer System One Pumps

blackmerBlackmer, incorporated in 1903, is the leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and compressors for the transfer of liquid and gas products.

You can find Blackmer products in a variety of industries including LPG, Chemical Processing, Refined Fuels, Petroleum, Food & Sanitary and Mobile Transport.

The professional team of support specialists and engineers combined with world class manufacturing capabilities guarantee you will receive superior products with the best available total life cycle cost value. The Blackmer System One Centrifugal Pump line offers the highest strength of construction and the most comprehensively engineered design to reduce or eliminate maintenance problems.

System One Pumps
arr High-strength, low maintenance, line of innovative process pumps
arr Designed specifically for the toughest, most extreme environments
arr Sets the industry standard for high quality and durability
Exclusive Features
arr Designed around the seal and bearings where 90% of failures occur
arr Designed to maximize system reliability - stronger, more vibration-resistant pump
arr Heavy-duty, solid, low deflection shaft prevents common vibration damage and greater stability at the seal area to improve seal life
arr Heavy-duty bearings offer greater load capacity and extend bearing life
arr Patented System One, Labyrinth Seals provide non-wearing lifetime protection for radial and thrust bearings
Vertical frameA LD 17 Stdio2
Lowest shaft stiffness ratio (L3/D4) in the process industry:
arr Frame S - 46 (1.9)
arr Frame LD17 - 17 (.65)
arr Frame M - 19 (.87)
Heavy-Duty Construction
arr Heavy-duty shaft, bearings, seals, and housing design means this pump is built for reliability in the most extreme environments
arr Offers the widest window of operation off the BEP of any conventional centrifugal pump
Most Common Process Pump Challenges:
arr Due to process changes and variations, the majority of process pumps operate off the BEP where radial loads create high stresses
arr Conventional pumps are prone to damaging shaft vibration under off-BEP conditions
arr Seal and bearing failures result from vibration damage
System One Solutions:
arr Heavy-duty design for the toughest applications in the process industry
arr Pumps are designed to prevent vibration under high radial loads
arr Pumps offer the widest operational window off the BEP of any standard process pump
arr Seals and bearings last longer for greater system reliability

When your process demands that pumps vary from the BEP, System One 'Is The Solution'. It will save you money and prevent lost production.

Blackmer System One: Performance Assurance


Five Year Power End Performance Assurance -  
Should any System One power end component fail within 5 years of the original installation, including bearings or fractured shafts, a free replacement component will be provided. This offer is limited to a claim for one of each component per power end.
One Year Mechanical Seal Performance Assurance -  


Should any factory supplied and installed mechanical seal fail within one year after the sale of the pump and seal, a spare parts kit (with materials the same as the original seal) will be provided at no charge. Program includes power end conversions purchased with Blackmer System One back cover conversions. Limit of one seal claim per application.
System One Pump Products
Frame S
arr Mid-size frame strength and reliability in small frame space - heavy-duty alternative to standard small frame pumps
arr Lowest L3/D4 stiffness ratio of any competitive size pump - 46 (1.9) Frame S
arr Meets ASME/ANSI dimensional specifications
arr Frame SD is the DIN/ISO (metric) version
arr Capacities to 450 gpm (102 m3/hr)

Frame A/LD17
arr Low maintenance, long life, maximum value process pump
arr Most stable shaft in the industry
arr Lowest L3/D4 stiffness ratio of any competitive size pump - 17 (.65) Frame LD17
arr Dramatically reduces bearing, sealing device and shaft failures
arr Frame A meets ASME/ANSI dimensional specifications
arr LD17 configuration available for severe-duty applications
arr Available in IPP Metric construction
arr Capacities to 1,400 gpm (320 m3/hr)

Frame M
arr Engineered reliability for the most demanding environments
arr Lowest L3/D4 ratio of any process pump in this size range - 19 (.87) Frame M
arr The only ASME/ANSI B73.1 pump of its size that offers centerline mount for high temperature applications
arr Optional left/right side discharge
arr Optional vertical mount configuration
The Vortex pump applies System One strength and reliability to handling entrained solids without clogging. Available in the LD17 and IPP Metric configurations. Capacities to1,500 gpm (340 m3/hr).
Frame A and LD17 pump with vortex casing and impeller, designed specifically for difficult pumping situations such as:
arr Sludges and slurries with large solids
arr Pumped material with entrained air
arr Pumped fluids with stringy or fibrous materials
arr Minimum product shearing
ASME/ANSI & IPP Metric flanges available

Especially suited for:

arr Waste treatment  
arr Pulp and paper  
arr Agriculture  

Magnum Pumps - Centrifugal and Vortex
Engineered for the toughest applications in all types of abrasive and corrosive slurry services magnum
arr Solid stainless steel shaft with L3/D4 ratio of 29 (1:1)
arr Power end with solid cast base for maximum rigidity
arr High chrome materials to 650 Brinnel hardness
Available in sizes:
arr Centrifugal - 3 x 2 - 13 to 10 x 8 - 14; flows to 3,200 gpm (725 m3/hr)
arr Vortex - 3", 4", 6"; flows to 2,200 gpm (500 m3/hr)  
Horizontal, v-belt drive and vertical configurations also available
Power End Conversions powerend
Upgrade existing pumps to System One heavy duty design
arr Low stiffness ratio power end for maximum reliability
arr Direct replacements available for popular models of Goulds & Durco
arr Universal configurations to fit most other pumps


ruhrpumpenFor over 50 years, Ruhrpumpen has developed and manufactured Centrifugal Pumps, including specific pumps for use under extreme conditions.

Ruhrpumpen is an innovative and efficient Pump Technology Company that offers operators of Pump Systems a wide range of products for diverse applications.

They have a highly-qualified specialist staff combined with State-of-the-Art software for the calculation, development, production, and testing of pumps. With modern CNC machine tools tailored to their manufacturing processes, they can guarantee products of the highest quality. In addition to pumps, Ruhrpumpen offers OEM spare parts for a variety of products.

OEM Parts
A quick and reliable supply of guaranteed quality spare parts is critical to the maintenance requirements of most process plants. Ruhrpumpen supplies one hundred percent OEM spare parts made with the same high quality as the original equipment. They can deliver standard spare parts on short notice and react quickly to custom tailor parts for your special cases. Their service network is worldwide and they guarantee you the fastest possible, on-time delivery. Emergency parts are available from their facilities and service centers when needed!

With Ruhrpumpen, we can support your parts needs for both current and past products:
arr VLT (former Byron Jackson/Flowserve)
arr HQ (former Byron Jackson/Flowserve)
arr KX (former Byron Jackson/Flowserve)
arr WX (former Byron Jackson/Flowserve)
arr HX (former Byron Jackson/Flowserve)
arr SCE (former Byron Jackson/Flowserve)
arr J (former Ingersol Rand/IDP)
arr CGT (former Ingersol Rand/IDP)
arr In addition, we can supply parts for a variety of other lines such as:
arr Byron Jackson/Flowserve
arr WDM
arr Crane Deming
Please contact one of our Applications Specialists or customer service representatives to discuss how we can help you with your specific application.


For more information, please visit the supplier's website at: http://www.ruhrpumpen.com/

Brochure Available for Download: Ruhrpumpen Selection Guide.pdf

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